Why you need to book a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey

Live the dream, not the nightmare, when buying your new home. A professional homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey will give you a full appraisal of any potential risks and faults with the drainage system before they become a problem.

Buying a new home is about as exciting as it gets. It’s also about as expensive as it gets. You therefore need to be sure that the property you have chosen is a wise investment of your money. There are many factors you need to consider before deciding whether to proceed or not. Top of the list of questions to answer should be: what is the state of the drains? Drain condition is sometimes overlooked, when it should be considered one of the most important priorities.

What is a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey?

A homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey is a detailed examination of a property’s drains and drainage system using a specialist CCTV camera. Only professionals with an appropriate qualification should carry out this inspection. This is because they will know what they are looking for, or indeed the consequences or potential issues of whatever they find within the system. We recommend that you book a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey to be completed before you commit to the purchase of your new home. Most mortgage providers and solicitors would insist that you book a homebuyer’s survey before you sign the contract. However  you should be sure that this type of survey actually includes a drain survey, as this is sometimes not the case. Investing your time and money here could really save a lot more time and money further down the line.

Why is a homebuyer’s drain survey important?

Providing major benefits to you as a buyer, if you book a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey you will get a detailed analysis of existing drain health. At DSS we use specialist CCTV technology to create a mapped out drain system. This will will show if the system is efficient, or if there are any faults inside. Identified issues, such as broken drains, problems with sewer connection or blockages can then be passed onto the seller to fix before you agree to buy the property.

What are the benefits of booking a drain survey?

Booking a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey before you buy your new home will:

  • Identify any problems that the seller can fix before you buy the property.
  • Prevent serious drainage problems.
  • It will look for any major structural problems or the potential for them in the future.
  • Clarify which areas of the drainage system are your responsibility.
  • You’ll be better prepared, and more informed when it comes to preparing a budget.
  • Enable you to take out the appropriate insurance cover for your new property.

The team at Drain Sewer Services can provide you with a thorough appraisal of the condition of your new home’s drainage system. We can give you full visibility into any work that may need to be done before you can complete your purchase. In addition to homebuyer’s drain surveys, we offer you emergency CCTV homeowner’s surveys, investigative CCTV drain surveys, build over surveys, pre-tenancy home surveys and drain network mapping,

Contact us today or click here to book a homebuyer’s CCTV drain survey or to get more information.



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