What is a drain survey and why is it important?

DSS answers the question: What is a drain survey and why is it important?

A drain survey is the process of examining the condition of a drainage system. It finds what is causing an issue and informs decisions made on fixing the problem. A drain survey will highlight potential issues that might occur further down the line.

What are drain surveys used for?

A drain survey is used for a variety of reasons. The primary one being to investigate sewer and drain problems. Issues like poor flow rates, pollution incidents and blockage will cause problems if left untreated. Drain surveys are a key part in any planned work on pipe repairs, rehabilitation and replacement. They provide visibility to enable targeted action.

A drain survey supports construction projects. An essential part of planning, it will identify the connectivity of the drain system. It will also ensure that a construction company can remain compliant with regulatory controls.

Drain surveys are a vital part of planned preventative maintenance (PPM). Asset owners can manage their costs and avoid highly-damaging pipe and drain failures with this survey.

Why is a drain survey important?

Drain surveys are important to anyone that is looking to buy, build or maintain a property.  Problems can range from root breaches, blockages or structural issues like fractures or collapse. Helping to avert costly repairs and fixing issues before crisis point, a survey of this nature is a key investment.

A complete picture

A CCTV drain survey is the simplest way of finding out exactly what is going on in your drains. By feeding a small camera through your network of pipes and drains our engineers can get the full picture of what is happening within them. Here at Drain Sewer Services, our CCTV drainage surveys are suitable for any type of building or property. These can include commercial, residential, industrial or infrastructure such as roads, utilities and rails.

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