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Why dig when you can re-line?
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If your drains are cracked or deteriorating because of subsidence, root ingression or damage by ongoing work you may be at risk of sewer flooding, leaking blockages, foul odours and water egress.

The damage caused can be costly and dangerous if not fixed.

What We Do

Why dig when you can re-line? Cured in Place Pipe Lining, or CIPP, is often the best solution as damaged pipes can be repaired without the need to be dug up or replaced; a pipe can be patched or cured in place rather than dug up and replaced. 

A resin impregnated patch, wrapped around an air bag, is pulled through the damaged pipe from a suitable access point. Once in place the air bag is inflated pressing the patch against the wall of the pipe. The patch is then left to cure leaving a permanent structural repair. 

This technique can be used on pipes from 100mm to 3000mm, on sewer and water pipes, on runs and blind ends. 

  • CIPP is cheaper than excavating

  • There is less disruption to the public and transport network

  • It is more environmentally friendly 

  • It meets the WRC’s requirements

  • By using existing manholes rather than excavating it is safer for the workforce

  • It restores the structural integrity of the pipe

  • The process prevents water and root ingress at the point of the repair

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