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Drain and Sewer Services are gully cleaning and maintenance experts and can provide an extremely efficient and economic fix to protect roads and property and get wastewater flowing again.

Blocked gullies in the road can prevent the drainage of excess rainwater and groundwater which in turn can lead to flooding and damage to the carriageway, especially during periods of freezing weather. Gullies fill up with leaves, rubbish and road grit and need to cleared on a regular basis. Left alone for too long the gullies cannot be cleared by a visit from a gully cleaner alone, they will need a crew to dig out the accumulated debris.

Highways & Roads: Round the Year Support

Drain & Sewer Services provide a round the year support service emptying gullies and keeping the water flowing. We operate software systems that allow us to overlay gully positions onto maps and record action taken. Hopefully one visit results in a clean gully, but sometimes a return visit is needed if cars are parked over the gully, the road has access issues or the gully itself is damaged. We record this on our cloud based software which our clients have access to allowing them to see where are and what we have done.

We take the debris removed from the gullies to specialist reclamation companies who wash the road grit for reuse as well as turning the organic matter into compost. Regular maintenance is the key although we also offer a reactive service. We also have the capability to fix most of the problems from dig outs to repairs.

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DSS continue to work closely with local authorities to carry out rolling maintenance programmes across the country. For more information about our gully cleaning and maintenance as well as the other services we offer, call our team on 01905 774430, email us at or contact us online. 

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